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Actress HD Wallpapers 1366X768 (PART-3)

Posted by surfingall on November 19, 2012

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The Bounty Hunter

Posted by surfingall on May 10, 2010

Ex-cop Milo’s (Gerard Butler) doing job as a bounty hunter, the man who catches those that have broken parole is a tough and risky one. He enjoys and jumps with joy at getting the chance to arrest his ex-wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) and bring her to jail.

Nicole is working as a reporter and investigating the suicide of a cop with help from a source at a bar. When her source gets disappears, she is worried and tries to track him down, only for her ex-husband to track her down and arrest her.

The remaining part of the film is about how the two try to outsmart each other. Considering that the two were married, they know well about each others weaknesses, but not much of their strengths. So, when Nicole fakes her tears, Milo knows it. When no amount of attempts to escape work for Nicole, she uses Milo’s addiction to gambling to her advantage.

On the way of being shot at posing as senators and a honeymooning couple and riding a cycle rickshaw through Las Vegas and dodging balls at a golf course, the two will rediscover the love they had for each other. Then they will decide to work together as a team to uncover the truth behind the man hunting them down, the disappeared source and the cop-suicide.

The main problem with the film is that of an identity crisis. The film is definitely not a comedy as even the mandatory giggles do not come to you. And also is not even a crime thriller as the suspense is not enough to pull you to the edge of your seat. This confusion transmutes to the viewers. The chemistry between Butler and Aniston is nothing to write about. The direction isn’t sharp either. However, where the film falters the most is in the writing. Situations that could have been hilarious fizzle out because of bad writing and characterization.

In the end, “The Bounty Hunter” ends up being nothing but an ensemble of done to death cliches. The lead pair of Butler and Aniston will get enough crowds to the theater despite their inability to act mainly because of their fan following in the industry.

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Date Night

Posted by surfingall on May 8, 2010

Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire Foster (Tina Fey) are a sweet affable couple. Phil doing job as a tax lawyer and Claire as a real estate agent. After years of marriage the raising of two naughty children and they are more like ‘excellent roommates’ than a passionate couple.

They go for a date night every week, but it’s only slightly less boring than their daily existence. After they seeing break apart as a couple of their best friends, their own frustrations come to real.

Instead of going to their usual restaurant, differently they decide to go to Manhattan and they will dine at an expensive restaurant. But they have no reservation. So they will steal a reservation which is in the name of Tripplehorns. They know that they are in for big trouble. Surprisingly Tripplehorns have a flash drive, which two goons are ready to kill the boring couple for.

They run for their lives and head to the police station. But sadly it turns out that the goons are actually cops. Then there will be nothing to save them from two murderous men and a whole Italian mafia will be behind them, then they have no option left except to pull up their socks and fight them out on their own.

‘Date Night’ uses a premise for an action-comedy. The situations, the tension, the chemistry between the lead pair and the comedy is good.

In one of the funniest sequences, a sports car and a taxi are get stuck head on, engaged in a tug-of-war and chased by the police across Manhattan. They will try different ways, but fail to get either the cars separated or the police off their tail. They get succeed only when both the husband and wife work as a team. This tribute to marriage and married couples is hilarious. Finally they learn their lessons. They discover in the course of the night that their spouses, who they had taken for granted as boring, have much more in them that they had lost touch with. Manhattan provides the perfect background for the breakup and getting together of the couple.

To conclude the “Date Night” movie is a good watch for married couples to laugh at themselves and for the unmarried to know where they could be headed.

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‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’

Posted by surfingall on May 5, 2010

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’ is the latest film from Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of such action-oriented blockbusters as ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Con Air’ as well as the man behind Disney’s wildly successful and hugely lucrative ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ series. And it is that franchise which ‘Prince of Persia’ is most transparently desperate to imitate, with its predominantly British cast, exotic locales and its inclusion of a “wacky miscreant with a heart of gold” character (Alfred Molina is the Johnny Depp substitute here).

Much like a ‘Pirates’ movie, ‘Prince of Persia’ has a narrative which is driven by the pursuit of a magical object, in this case the Dagger of Time. This dagger (unsurprisingly) enables the person who wields it to travel backwards in time for a few minutes, with..

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The Railway Children

Posted by surfingall on May 5, 2010

Depending on your sensibility, Lionel Jeffries’ 1970 adaptation of Edith Nesbit’s ‘The Railway Children’ is either a charming classic or the ultimate in middle-class twee. Many will feel the film harkens back to a simpler, more innocent age and will find the experience of watching this new 40th Anniversary Edition remastered Blu-ray release to be something akin to a warm blast of Horlicks for the eyes. Others will find the film’s condescending attitude towards “the poor” profoundly irritating, along with the titular priggish children.

I have to admit that, almost against my better judgement, I am in the former camp and was quite charmed by the film, which is centred on the story of three children who, along with their mother, move to a small village when their father is arrested suddenly for a crime he didn’t commit. Once there, the children have a series of low-key adventures and befriend some of..

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Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

If historical movies have one thing in common, it’s that they’re always historically inaccurate, often wildly so. In his latest film, British director Neil Marshall has avoided this recurring problem by making the whole damn thing up!

Well, not exactly; ‘Centurion’ is based on the myth of the 9th Legion, a unit of the Roman army which – so the legend goes – marched into tribal Scotland to conquer the last untapped stronghold of Roman Britian…and were never heard of again.

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Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

A winner of the Prix Un Certain Regard at last year’s Cannes film festival, ‘Dogtooth’ (directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, who also co-wrote the film) follows the day-to-day life of an unnamed Greek family (the characters are known simply as mother, father, older daughter and so on) as they live an existence completely hidden from the surrounding world.

The father (Christos Stergioglou) is the only member of the family permitted to leave the house as he travels to and from his (unspecified) place of work. The infantilised, teenage children have never left the house and are taught to believe numerous odd and illogical things in order to explain the world as they are permitted to see it. They are told that their mother..

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Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

Remakes of Hollywood hit flicks with desi tadka is something that has become very common in the last decade or so. Apartment, directed by Jagmohan Mundra known for his movie Provoked starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is one such film that draws from 1992 Hollywood hit ‘Single White Female’. With the same treatment as its original, will this taut thriller makes it way with the desi audience? To break the silence early, just as the movie, Apartment is a torture and kills the joy of the thriller genre.

Apartment revolves around three major characters – Preeti (Tanushree Dutta), her boyfriend Karan (Rohit Roy) and her new tenant Neha (Neetu Chandra). Preeti and Karan who have high flying jobs decide to move in together and rent a posh yet expensive apartment. However, a misunderstanding leads them to part ways which leaves Preethi with no choice but to look for a new roommate to share the expenses of living in such a posh area. In comes Neetu Chandra, a Dehradun girl who seems pretty harmless at first look. But is she as subtle and sweet as she looks? Is it safe to share your space with a complete stranger?

Mundra’s message about urban professional’s choice of sharing their space with strangers is true and interesting but his efforts in the movie are juvenile and vague. If you have already managed to catch the English original then watching Apartment wouldn’t make much sense for it is blatantly ripped and painfully executed. Take all the scenes from the novel flick, add a sleazy scene of Neetu Chandra bathing and the worst item song ever made – that’s Apartment for you. With its slow pace, a run-of-the mill climax, plenty of cinematic liberty and predictability, the film does not pass off as a thriller and is tormenting to sit through. Neither the performances by its lead cast nor the music come as a saving grace to this ill constructed flick. Editing and cinematography is ok.

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