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Posted by surfingall on November 15, 2012

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Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

Remakes of Hollywood hit flicks with desi tadka is something that has become very common in the last decade or so. Apartment, directed by Jagmohan Mundra known for his movie Provoked starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is one such film that draws from 1992 Hollywood hit ‘Single White Female’. With the same treatment as its original, will this taut thriller makes it way with the desi audience? To break the silence early, just as the movie, Apartment is a torture and kills the joy of the thriller genre.

Apartment revolves around three major characters – Preeti (Tanushree Dutta), her boyfriend Karan (Rohit Roy) and her new tenant Neha (Neetu Chandra). Preeti and Karan who have high flying jobs decide to move in together and rent a posh yet expensive apartment. However, a misunderstanding leads them to part ways which leaves Preethi with no choice but to look for a new roommate to share the expenses of living in such a posh area. In comes Neetu Chandra, a Dehradun girl who seems pretty harmless at first look. But is she as subtle and sweet as she looks? Is it safe to share your space with a complete stranger?

Mundra’s message about urban professional’s choice of sharing their space with strangers is true and interesting but his efforts in the movie are juvenile and vague. If you have already managed to catch the English original then watching Apartment wouldn’t make much sense for it is blatantly ripped and painfully executed. Take all the scenes from the novel flick, add a sleazy scene of Neetu Chandra bathing and the worst item song ever made – that’s Apartment for you. With its slow pace, a run-of-the mill climax, plenty of cinematic liberty and predictability, the film does not pass off as a thriller and is tormenting to sit through. Neither the performances by its lead cast nor the music come as a saving grace to this ill constructed flick. Editing and cinematography is ok.

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