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Date Night

Posted by surfingall on May 8, 2010

Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire Foster (Tina Fey) are a sweet affable couple. Phil doing job as a tax lawyer and Claire as a real estate agent. After years of marriage the raising of two naughty children and they are more like ‘excellent roommates’ than a passionate couple.

They go for a date night every week, but it’s only slightly less boring than their daily existence. After they seeing break apart as a couple of their best friends, their own frustrations come to real.

Instead of going to their usual restaurant, differently they decide to go to Manhattan and they will dine at an expensive restaurant. But they have no reservation. So they will steal a reservation which is in the name of Tripplehorns. They know that they are in for big trouble. Surprisingly Tripplehorns have a flash drive, which two goons are ready to kill the boring couple for.

They run for their lives and head to the police station. But sadly it turns out that the goons are actually cops. Then there will be nothing to save them from two murderous men and a whole Italian mafia will be behind them, then they have no option left except to pull up their socks and fight them out on their own.

‘Date Night’ uses a premise for an action-comedy. The situations, the tension, the chemistry between the lead pair and the comedy is good.

In one of the funniest sequences, a sports car and a taxi are get stuck head on, engaged in a tug-of-war and chased by the police across Manhattan. They will try different ways, but fail to get either the cars separated or the police off their tail. They get succeed only when both the husband and wife work as a team. This tribute to marriage and married couples is hilarious. Finally they learn their lessons. They discover in the course of the night that their spouses, who they had taken for granted as boring, have much more in them that they had lost touch with. Manhattan provides the perfect background for the breakup and getting together of the couple.

To conclude the “Date Night” movie is a good watch for married couples to laugh at themselves and for the unmarried to know where they could be headed.


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