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The Bounty Hunter

Posted by surfingall on May 10, 2010

Ex-cop Milo’s (Gerard Butler) doing job as a bounty hunter, the man who catches those that have broken parole is a tough and risky one. He enjoys and jumps with joy at getting the chance to arrest his ex-wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) and bring her to jail.

Nicole is working as a reporter and investigating the suicide of a cop with help from a source at a bar. When her source gets disappears, she is worried and tries to track him down, only for her ex-husband to track her down and arrest her.

The remaining part of the film is about how the two try to outsmart each other. Considering that the two were married, they know well about each others weaknesses, but not much of their strengths. So, when Nicole fakes her tears, Milo knows it. When no amount of attempts to escape work for Nicole, she uses Milo’s addiction to gambling to her advantage.

On the way of being shot at posing as senators and a honeymooning couple and riding a cycle rickshaw through Las Vegas and dodging balls at a golf course, the two will rediscover the love they had for each other. Then they will decide to work together as a team to uncover the truth behind the man hunting them down, the disappeared source and the cop-suicide.

The main problem with the film is that of an identity crisis. The film is definitely not a comedy as even the mandatory giggles do not come to you. And also is not even a crime thriller as the suspense is not enough to pull you to the edge of your seat. This confusion transmutes to the viewers. The chemistry between Butler and Aniston is nothing to write about. The direction isn’t sharp either. However, where the film falters the most is in the writing. Situations that could have been hilarious fizzle out because of bad writing and characterization.

In the end, “The Bounty Hunter” ends up being nothing but an ensemble of done to death cliches. The lead pair of Butler and Aniston will get enough crowds to the theater despite their inability to act mainly because of their fan following in the industry.


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