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VDownloader :- forget internet browsers

Posted by surfingall on May 3, 2010

Surfing the internet like  regularly do and downloading videos (plus converting them to the most comfortable format any one of us can dream of) simultaneously. All this was happening in just one single piece of software and this made my life look extremely simple.

VDownloader is extremely simple to use application with 5 buttons on its left side bar that are enough to control your computer as well as your complete surfing habits. The small size of the setup file (6.62 MB on my system) makes it easy to download and less CPU hungry. The application can be made to run in background so that your favorite videos are download regularly while you are busy handling other useful tasks of yours. One might not believe this but the simple looking features of VDownloader make this application the complete video downloading engine that video junkies die for.

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Microsoft Will Unveil ‘Pink’ Phone Soon

Posted by surfingall on April 10, 2010

Internet giant Microsoft Corp is venturing into uncharted teritory-the smartphone market. The company will announce its long-awaited “Project Pink” phones early next week, sources closely involved with the matter said yesterday.

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