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About Me

hi friends

This is sreekanth. I’ve completed my Graduation and now i’m looking for good job.  No walk-in for freshers in IT industry…. sooooooo sad…

y should v waste time?? and I am pretty much interested in blogging.. b’coz i want to share my thoughts and everything what i am surfing in net.. This blog contains both for entertainment and also latest things to know that you people want to know…

I’m very much interested in making frnds. so only i’ve registered some social networking sites.. in that i’m really using Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Bharathstudent etc.        –> “Try to use all those…” <–

in that sites Twitter is getting name n it using by all.. u can share everything with all.. n u can come to know abt wat others are doing.. i’ve somany frnds n also some actors, actress.. it s really grate to use tat..

u’ll get more interest while using that.. more people u’ve more knowledge u gain.. it s true.. just do it once 🙂 u’ll really experience that soon..

I’ve come through so many sites while surfing. There is lot to know and educate our self. The internet is must now a days. So i too searching for the same.

read it and enjoy.. 🙂

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