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Google Invests $38.8 Million In Wind Technology

Posted by surfingall on May 5, 2010

Google’s checkbook is wide open this week. Not only did it buy 3D interface startup BumpTop, and invest in mobile payments company Corduro, but it also just put $38.8 million into a wind farm in North Dakota. The $190 million project is being put together by NextEra Energy Resources, will produce 170 megawatts of power (enough for 55,000 homes), and will be called Peace Garden Wind. Cue the Zen meditation harp.

When it comes to renewable energy investments, Google uses a lot of solar energy itself, and has invested in startups such as AltaRock (geothermal), eSolar, and Makani Power (high-altitude wind). But this is the first time it has ever invested in an energy project rather than in a company.

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Samsung’s Google TV?

Posted by surfingall on May 3, 2010

Yeah! Google is all around the world. The time is not far away when every living human on this planet will be using the word Google at least once every day and using at least one gadget which will have Google’s logo on it.

Today, we don’t search rather we Google! Tomorrow we will never buy a smartphone rather we will be buying Android phones. Similarly, one day we won’t be buying TVs rather will be buying Google TV! With Samsung giving hint about launching its next television that will include Android (tagging it as Google TV) it is raining Google all around the planet.

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