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World’s first realistic wireless charger

Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

CES 2010 was a great festival that covered tons of new releases by numerous companies. Wireless devices have always been a center of attraction. At the festival, RCA showcased the world’s very first realistic Wireless Charger. RCA’s Airnergy is here to answer all questions pertaining to wireless charging technology.

The device features neo-technological circuitry that converts WiFi energy into electricity using air as the medium! The Airnergy utilizes a mini-USB port for connecting to other devices. During a test at the CES, Airnergy successfully charged…

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Sony Ericsson Satio

Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

The Sony Ericsson Satio was created to bring the best and most popular features of Sony Ericsson phones, ie the Walkman and Cybershot series. The Satio has on board one of the most powerful cameras ever launched by the phonemaker and on paper it is still to date a strong contender to many other cameraphones available on the high streets. Not only did Sony Ericsson decide to throw in their most popular functionalities into one phone, they also decided to put in their new UI, was this going to be a nice Sony Ericsson cocktail or was it a risky gamble?

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LG Chocolate BL40

Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

One of the most controversial discussions regarding LG’s new addition to Black Labels Series phones is how will the new shape of the BL40 perform? Thanks to LG who recently sent us the new Chocolate BL40 for a review, we’ve been able to test it out. For those who like a reminder of what the BL40 is technically capable of.

The BL40 boasts an innovative new TFT capacitive touchscreen which supports up to 16M colours, the new design allows it to boast 345 x 800 pixels. Connectivity wise, there is quadband, HSDPA, bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and micro USB.

Uncommonly found in all LG phones, the BL40 does have a good internal memory capacity of 1GB, there is also support for microSD of up to 32GB. Camera wise, the BL40 has a five megapixel camera allowing you to take photos of up to 2560 x 1920 pixels, this is equipped with Schneider-Kreuznach optics, autofocus and LED flash.

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Mobile 3-D

Posted by surfingall on May 3, 2010

The Samsung B710 phone looks like a typical smart phone, but something unexpected happens when the screen is moved from a vertical to a horizontal orientation: the image jumps from 2-D to 3-D.

The technology that produces this perception of depth is the work of Julien Flack, CTO of Dynamic Digital Depth, who has spent more than a decade perfecting software that can convert 2-D content to 3-D in real time. It could help solve the biggest problem with 3-D: the need for special glasses that deliver a separate image to each eye. Flack’s software synthesizes 3-D scenes from existing 2-D video by estimating the depth of objects using various cues; a band of sky at the top of a frame probably belongs in the far background, for example.

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Free Ovi Maps now available for Nokia E71 and Nokia E66

Posted by surfingall on April 28, 2010

If you can recall, Nokia first launched their free turn by turn Ovi Maps application to all of their users earlier in the year, however, one problem was that it didn’t extend its support to all potentially compatible phones. But now the good news has dropped for Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 users:

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Thinnest external battery for iPhone

Posted by surfingall on April 28, 2010

To benefit from the aclaimed world title and for the protection of your device, you can now get your hands on the smallest / thinnest external battery available for your iPhone. MiLi have been known for their all in one iPhone-battery cases for awhile, but the latest product Power Skin has got me fallen in…

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Nokia To Unveil Two New Phone Series

Posted by surfingall on April 26, 2010

Nokia would unveil two new phone series-‘Nokia X’ and ‘Nokia C’-in India in this quarter. The company also plans to launch mobile handsets with linux-based Maemo software within the next two to three months. It would be like a high performance mobile computer with a processor, reports Business Standard.

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Wi-Fi Issues on Apple iPad Tablet

Posted by surfingall on April 10, 2010

Apple has launched a revolutionary and magical phone iPad Tablet in the start of April 2010. Apple iPad tablet has broken the sales records of any smart phone purchased by the users. Apple has roll out iPad phone in the market with very strong media complain and marketing strategy. Apple iPad is embedded with millions of Apple apps for the users.

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