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Mun Dhinam Paartheney

Posted by surfingall on May 4, 2010

One should admit both the film and filming comes as a pleasant surprise. When big films starring big stars can’t guarantee success, it is not so easy to make a film that makes one sit up and take keen interest in the proceedings on the screen.The attempt of debutant director Magizh Thirumaeni, a Gautam Vasudev Menon protege, to narrate a love story between two typical upper middle-class youths in an almost realistic manner is commendable. The story and the treatment come as fresh air in the cliche ridden Tamil film industry.

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Posted by surfingall on May 3, 2010

Apparently the failure of RASIKKUM SEEMANE has not affected Srikanth much, as he puts in double effort in the upcoming film ‘Drohi’ where he plays a slum dweller. The film is directed by Sudha, once an associate of Mani Ratnam.

With his recent releases falling flat at the box-office, Srikanth is pinning all hope on his upcoming projects. Well Srikanth has reasons too to be wary as his ambitious film ‘Rasikkum Seemane’ was a turkey. The film had him in the role of a grey-shaded character named Nandu who was a blackmailer.

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