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Bipasha and John Abraham split

Posted by surfingall on June 14, 2011

John Abraham and his bond with Bipasha Basu earned reams of newsprint during their eight year old relationship. And lassoed in some more media mileage after the liaison went kaput. Expressly with Basu baring her feelings over it and John maintaining a studied silence. Until now, that is.

Word has it that John has gone ahead and spilled the (split) beans in a telly chat show.

Describing Bipasha as a “strong, caring person” , John is reported to have said that their romantic link did not fructify into matrimony simply because they were both “very headstrong individuals.” He’s also reportedly gone on to have said that Bipasha, at heart, was “a very homely person”, quite contrary to the image painted out by the scribe tribe.

Interestingly, John’s parents were on the chat show too and while his dad maintained that he’d be happy to see John settle down with “a girl of his choice”, the actor’s mother said that he needed a “more homely and caring woman who would understand him,” studiously avoiding any mention of Bipasha Basu.

States a close source, “John’s mother did not mention Bipasha even once on the show. John went on to say that it wasn’t easy to end an eight year relationship, because he still cared for Bipasha. He also said that although men may say that they believe in women’s liberation, they are quite chauvinistic at heart. John felt that maintaining a ‘no comments’ stance was best, because he did not want to trivialise matters or get Bipasha into an embarrassing spot by speaking about their split relationship to the media.”

John, as per “close sources” is enjoying his singleton status to the fullest and reportedly been spotted having coffee and dinner with a certain model named Priya.


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