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The changing nature of privacy on Facebook

Posted by surfingall on May 9, 2010

Earlier this month, the Facebook sought to increase its reach by connecting with other sites across the globe through Web. The Open Graph Protocol, announced at Facebook’s f8 Developers Conference, that it is easier to make for outside sites to share information with Facebook when visitors want to recommend a page. But Facebook has come under increasing scrutiny for making user’s data more public and available to search engines and for making of changes to the terms of its privacy policy, which some users have been unaware of.

People started out the Facebook with a sense that this is just for you and friends in your college. It slowly opened up and in the process people lost a lot of awareness of what was happening with their data. This is one of the things that frightens all.

When you think about Facebook, the market has very specific incentives such as encouraging people to be public, increase ad revenue. Now a days the technology makes it very easy to make people be as visible and searchable as possible.

Some people dismiss concerns about this sort of situation by saying that privacy is dead. For this Facebook is saying,that the social norms have changed. We don’t have to pay attention to people’s privacy concerns, that’s just old fuddy-duddies.


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