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Smaller Diameter Bomb: GBU-39

Posted by surfingall on May 9, 2010

During the Desert Storm era, the smallest precision bombs were available packed with 500 lb high-explosive warheads used on only smallest targets.  They were precise enough on surgical targeting, but the massive explosion and pressure wave still causes widespread devastation to buildings and well, people, that are in the vicinity of the blast.

GBU-39 is the Small Diameter Bomb.  The GBU-39 is the first 250 lb class precision guided munition. It is not only intended to allow the pilot to strike more targets per sortie, but also to limit collateral damage. While the 2000 lb GBU-109 penetrator retains its place as a weapon of choice for large and hardened targets, but the GBU-39 SDB surpasses the GBU-109 in many different realms of performance. The GBU-39 also has some stand-off capabilities which are it’s guidance wings, the bomb can coast into targets from far greater ranges than the GBU-109, from more than 40 nautical miles out. It’s size also small which is only 250 lbs, it also can be fitted with different types of warheads.

One of the explosive which is specially designed to limit the blast radius and shockwave of the explosion called D.I.M.E (Dense Inert Metal Explosive).  DIME explosives basically combine a powder of inert (that the metal is resistant to chemical reactions into the explosive) metals, which essentially weighs down the blast.  The metal powder will only fly so far before air resistance and gravity will slow it down.  DIME explosives are proved to limit the blast radius of explosions, but they are also notorious for the effects that they can have on personnel.


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