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Badmaash Company

Posted by surfingall on May 8, 2010

Story writer and director – Parmeet Sethi.

The film is fully about four friends who all are Karan (Shahid Kapoor), Bulbul (Anushka Sharma), Chandu (Vir Das) and Zing (Chang). The four will get together and smuggle goods to, by making fools the Customs Officers with several disguises and tricks.

In one night they become rich, because of their luck’s run out they relocate to the United States to carry out more rackets. Earning easy money will make Karan to fell greed and he believes he’s the main man (the boss) of the gang. Because of that the four friends will get separated.

There are so many scenes in Badmaash Company that reminds you of Yashraj’s Bunty Aur Babli, but what disappoints us is, while the cons get more ambitious, the basic idea remains the same. It all starts with shoes in India, which will follow by gloves and houses in US. So the first hour is good, when comes to the second hour it is disastrously boring. Things only get worse when the four gets separated with Karan returning to India, right on time for his dad’s award and eventually returning back to US, only to be arrested by the cops.

When we come to climax it involved none other than Michael Jackson (his lookalike), who is used to sell defective shirts. What’s with Karan’s marriage to an American for a green card? It’s just mentioned once, due to which Bulbul goes away from his life, but when they do reconcile, there is no mention of it.
When considered the total film the first hour is very entertaining and immensely watchable. Anushka Sharma has gone in for a complete makeover and she manages to look sexy. Shahid Kapur is in form once again after a terrible outing with Chance Pe Dance. Vir Das on debut is very good. Chemistry between the actors is nice. Pritam’s tunes go well with the film.

To conclude, Badmaash Company is a very good ‘Bollywood’ film. It has much potential to be a mass entertainer, tragically though, the second half is a major let down.

I think it should have been much better!!

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