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Samsung’s Google TV?

Posted by surfingall on May 3, 2010

Yeah! Google is all around the world. The time is not far away when every living human on this planet will be using the word Google at least once every day and using at least one gadget which will have Google’s logo on it.

Today, we don’t search rather we Google! Tomorrow we will never buy a smartphone rather we will be buying Android phones. Similarly, one day we won’t be buying TVs rather will be buying Google TV! With Samsung giving hint about launching its next television that will include Android (tagging it as Google TV) it is raining Google all around the planet.

One Response to “Samsung’s Google TV?”

  1. I´ve read all press releases about Google TV but I still dont really get it! Is it just to bring internet, google search and youtube to the TV or can you really watch TV like with Internet TV software like this: Watch TV Online?
    Can anybody answer?

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