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Bayam Ariyan

Posted by surfingall on May 3, 2010

Director:  Pirtheesh

Cast: Kishore, Udayathara, Magesh Raja, Devkripa, Ponnambulam, Saranya

This is clearly a film with a message which has been brought on screen several times before. Violence begets violence. Those who live by the sword shall die by it. We’re sure you get the drift! The angle here is how bad cops can exploit jobless youth enticing them into a life of crime which ultimately leads to a one way ticket to hell.

In brief, the story is about a cop Mithran ( Kishore) who makes money on the side by hiring jobless youth in the area. Vinoth ( Magesh Kumar) is one such young man who along with his cronies indulges in criminal activities like extortion and rowdyism to fill the coffers of the bad cop Mithran.


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