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Phoonk 2

Posted by surfingall on April 30, 2010

‘ Phoonk 2 ‘  is the sequel of the flick ‘Phoonk’ by Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) which got released in 2008. Though, ‘Phoonk’ was a total failure in the box office and failed to give even the slightest panic to the audience. Now, RGV’s all hopes are set to ‘ Phoonk 2 ‘. ‘Phoonk’ was all about black magic done by a female Madhu to traumatize the family of Rajiv (Sudeep), a businessman. The movie ended with the death of Madhu. The sequel ‘Phoonk2’ tells the story of Madhu’s evil spirit returning back to haunt the family and take her revenge from Rajiv.

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